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Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club

Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club has been serving Grand Terrace and surrounding communities since 1979. The objective of the Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club is to advance the cause of soccer within the Grand Terrace Community, promote sportsmanship and to offer all levels of the sport of soccer to the youth of the community. We accomplish this by supporting competitive teams, educational clinics and programs for all aspects of soccer. Players from 4-18 in all surrounding communities are welcome to play in our Fall and Spring seasons. Birth Certificates are required only if you have not played in our league within the last 3 years.

Coach Richard Irwin Receives 2019 Dave Widor Award!

Just over 40 years ago, one man had the courage to step out during a time in which soccer was not too popular in this country, nor in our small community. He gathered friends and other enthusiasts and dedicated countless hours of his own time to build what started off as the Grand Terrace Christian Soccer Club. He took a chance on a sport that he felt would be great for Grand Terrace and its youth. Because of him, we come together to kick off the 2019 Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club season. Some of you either know him or were fortunate enough, like myself, to grow up playing in this great league because of his tireless efforts. This man’s name is Dave Widor.

Years ago, our league began a tradition to honor Mr. Widor by creating an award in his namesake to be given out only to those who exude the characteristics in which Dave Widor himself conveyed. This award was not handed out every year. This award was considered the most prestigious accomplishment that a volunteer could earn, so it was not taken lightly. Some past winners include; Paula Morales, Cathy Bowler, Doc Christianson, Mark Krell, Tony Ramirez, Roy Nix, Frank Tetly and Kevin Pope.  

This year the league honored Coach Richard Irwin with the Dave Widor Award. Richard has dedicated close to 30 years to Grand Terrace Club Soccer.  He has served as a coach, parent volunteer, board member and liaison across the state. He currently serves as the Director of Coaches and continues to devote himself to the league.   

Coach Irwin has such a kind and generous spirit. His hard work and efforts have made our league what it is today. We thank him for his continued commitment to GTCS.  We honor Coach Richard Irwin today and every day! 

2019 Opening Ceremonies

Thank you to everyone who attended! Your participation is appreciated. We are GTCS!

The 2019 soccer board would like to give a special thanks to Jen Parker-Stephens! Jen is our League Coordinator and is responsible for making Opening Ceremonies a blast for the children. Parents agree that this years event brought so much joy to so many faces. Thank you for being so rad Jen. We had fun!

Seeing Double

Can you find the raffle ticket winner who is shown twice? Can you do it in less than 30 seconds?

Soccer balls used in youth leagues come in sizes 3, 4, and 5. Please see the guide to determine the size ball your child needs.

What Size Ball Should Your Child Be Using?

Practice Checklist

Although each coach will have their unique expectations for teams, here is a quick checklist of items you will need for your first day of practice. 

1. Comfortable Shorts and Shirt

2. Cleats

3. Shin Guards

4. Soccer Ball

5. Water Bottle 

6. Soccer Bag



How Do Shin Guards Work?

When it comes to purchasing shin guards the most important element is to make sure that most of the leg, from ankle to knee is covered. It is important to have a large protection area up to two inches below the knee. Shin guards protect the soft tissue and bones in our lower legs from kicks and other hits while playing soccer. Since soccer is a contact sport, shin guards must be worn at every practice and game and be covered entirely by stockings. 

Fun Fact:  Shin guards reduce force from 11% to 17% and strain by 45% to 51% on the guarded leg.


Places to Buy the Perfect Soccer Equipment

The Inland Empire offers many options for purchasing your youth soccer equipment. Here are some fun links to help you get started with your online browsing. 

Amazon Personalized Soccer Bag- Personalized bags are not required but can be a fun addition to the soccer season. Check out these fun reasonably priced personalized bags. Who wouldn't one?

Amazon Soccer Cones- Want to practice drills with your child at home? These cones will be sure to help you develop your child's soccer skills and techniques.

Amazon Youth Soccer Cleats- This is a great place to sort for cleats by size, color, brand and price. There are many options and affordable choices. 

Big5 Sporting Goods- This has always been a favorite spot to purchase youth soccer gear. Big5 offers a large menu of soccer necessities with reasonable pricing. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more. 

Dicks Sporting Goods- Dicks offers a large and fun selection of youth soccer equipment. Youth Soccer Packages are available starting at $34.99, complete with a ball, shin guards and cleats. Free Shipping on orders of $49 or more.  They also offer price matching!

Shop Fun Soccer Socks!- These are an absolute luxury item but if you love fun socks, take a look at these way cool options for practice. 



Lead by Example

It's soccer season and leading by example is going to be more important than ever. While we are all here to love and support our beloved soccer player(s), games can get heated and it can be hard to lead by example. Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping your cool is necessary in modeling good behavior. Here are some tips to help your soccer player learn good sportsmanship. 

Follow the Rules: Make sure that your child understands the rules and expectations of the game (and their coach) and follows them. This skill is important in soccer and in life!

Be Respectful: It is important that we are always respectful to our coaches, teammates, opponents, referee's and any other person we come in contact with on the field and at practice. 

Do Not Argue with Coaches or Referees: Even when things seem unfair, it is better to stay quiet and keep your composure than to create an outburst. Remember the children are watching and they are the reason we are here to begin with. 

Be Kind to Others: We don't get to pick our coaches or our teammates. We are all unique and we all bring something new to the table. Let's do our best to support and encourage one another. 

Have a Positive Attitude: Volunteer to help your coach at practice, complement the teammate who just shot their first goal. Say hello to the shy parent who always sits by themselves. Encourage your children to smile when they see fellow soccer players at school and in the community. We are all in this together!



Concerns / Feedback

If you have any concerns or feedback you would like to be addressed, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form.  This will allow us to keep record of concerns and address them in an appropriate and timely manner.

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